Wellness is a journey.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this Wellness Bootcamp?


Good question! Many people (and especially cancer survivors) worry about their wellness. Are they doing enough? Are they really well? This Bootcamp is designed to increase your awareness through a 4 week process... so that you build the skills to know whether you're doing enough, on the right track, choosing daily actions that hurt or help you, which therapy or diet is working.

You say the Bootcamp helps increase awareness. How does that help me?

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Wellness is about daily choices. Those choices are either helping our wellness or hurting our wellness. With increased awareness, it's easier to let go of choices that are hurting us. It's also easier to choose helpful things.

Bootcamp? Is this exercise? How much time and energy will this take everyday?


This is a Bootcamp in that it's focused, daily activity over 4 weeks -- a process of change and growth. It's not exercise. Each day there is a daily challenge video (usually less than 2 minutes) that directs you to pay attention to one thing. There's also a daily commentary video (usually less than 10 minutes). The awareness activity can be worked into your day, and will usually take less than 10 minutes. You may also choose to journal about your learnings and experiences in the weekly downloadable journal that's provided.

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