"From Fear to Faith: My Survivor Story"

Here's the free webinar. Be inspired by this story by Peter Minke, PhD, a 30-year cancer survivor! Learn from his process, and get action steps and wellness principles you can implement today! Discover more details about the "Wellness Bootcamp for Cancer Survivors."

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Daily Videos

Daily Challenge Videos

With the Bootcamp you receive daily challenge videos (usually under 2 minutes) and daily commentary videos (usually under 10 minutes). Through the 4 weeks, you will be amazed at the transformation these simple daily awareness activities bring about in your life -- in just minutes per day.

Your Health & Wellness Matter

Peter Minke, PhD

Your coach through the Bootcamp is Peter Minke, PhD, a 30-year cancer survivor who is also a 20+ year massage therapist, as well as a national & international wellness speaker and trainer. Peter has created and taught many wellness programs that are followed by thousands.

Supporting Materials

Support Materials to download

You also receive and overview, checklist, and journal for each week of the Bootcamp, all ready for you to download and print at your convenience. You can take notes on your discoveries, document your triumphs, and journal about your wellness goals and next steps!

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